Return to school means new shoes and blisters. Well let’s try and help you avoid some of those school shoe blues. Kids on average spend up to 40 hours a week in their school shoes so getting them fitted correctly is priority number one!

Here are some of our tips to check if your school shoes are in need of an upgrade:

  1. Sit on a chair with your foot in the shoe on the floor. Don’t do the laces up. (See Mum the Podiatrist says I don’t have to do them up.)
  2. Wriggle your foot forward in the shoe so your toes are jammed up against the end of the shoe. You should be able to reach down and get your finger down the back of your heel pretty easily. If you can’t fit your finger down the back of the heel, the shoes are too tight and need upgrading. That’s about the length required at the end of the shoe for a foot to expand and lengthen as we walk.
  3. Off to the shops (remember to arm yourself with a budget and try to go for the leading brands). No doubt you are familiar with all the brands and maybe you wore them as a kid. Being firm with your loved one and not just going for fashion will help your child’s feet now and for a life time.

Shoe shopping can be overwhelming, especially if your child is keen on keeping up with the fashion trends! We suggest you head straight for a store that will focus on assisting you with finding the best fit. If you prefer to go it alone, try our guide to finding a great fit in store:

  1. Measure both feet standing. End of the day is better when the feet have spread a little.
  2. Walk around the store in the new shoes (and in your new socks too). Yes, a couple of new pairs of school socks are a good idea too.
  3. Check for room in the toe area (there should be about a thumb print of room at the toe when the heel is pressed to the back of the shoe).
  4. Check the heel is not slipping, as that’s the killer blister area for new shoes when they are a bit stiff.
  5. Ask the shoe store how to lace up/buckle your shoes correctly.
  6. Wear them around home for a few days before showing them off on the playground or sports field (this is the best way to test drive the shoes comfort level before moving into them full time).

If you think your child’s feet are a bit weird or flat, come and see us as we can help with flat feet, orthotics or some specific footwear advice.